Help for Loans, reservations, …

Knihovna je otevřena v omezeném režimu s možností půjčování předem objednaných knih přes formulář Individuální objednávka literatury.


Page Loans, reservations, … is available after log in only and contains a list of your current loans, reservations, requests and overdue notices.

Display of the transactions can be in the form of a list or a table. If it is allowed to cancel some transaction (e.g. a reservation) or to prolong a transaction (e.g. a loan) it is displayed a possibility to check a transaction and do an appropriate operation.

How to order the table?

Click on the column header to sort it in descending or ascending order. The table can be sorted only by one column.

Sorting function requires JavaScript support.

How to enlarge the table?

Click on the enlarging icon to zoom the table and display it in full screen.

Enlargement of the table function requires JavaScript support.

How to display or hide columns in the table?

Click on the icon columns to display the column manager.

These functions require JavaScript support.