Help for Borrow e-document

Borrowing e-books to registered readers.


J. E. Purkyne University Research Library in cooperation with Flexibooks.czallows its registered readers to borrow e-books.

How to fing e-books

E-books can be searched by Advanced search where druh dokumentu select e-books.
E-books can be searched for through veneers in search results using the Dostupnost: e-rental limit.
Entries for which an e-rental is possible have a link to the e-book borrowing in the record operations links.

E-book borrowing

  • Search for an e-book borrowing record.
  • Clicking on the link will display a confirmation page with the terms and conditions and instructions on how to proceed with the e-book borrow.
  • Once the terms are agreed, you'll be redirected to the e-book provider with the option of borrowing the e-book.