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Encyclopedia of polymeric nanomaterials

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    Encyclopedia of polymeric nanomaterials. Volume 2, H-Pl / editors Shiro Kobayashi, Klaus Müllen. -- Berlin ; Heidelberg : Springer, [2015]. -- ©2015. -- liv, strany 900-1650 : ilustrace (některé barevné). -- (Springer reference). -- Pod názvem: With 2021 figures and 146 tables. -- Resumé: "Nanomaterials play an important role in the development of new materials as they can be used to influence and control physical properties and specific characteristics of other materials. Nanostructured materials that have been created include nanoparticles, nanocapsules, nanoporous materials, polymer multi-layers to name a few. These are increasingly used across applications as diverse as automotive, environment, energy, catalysis, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and polymer industries. The Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials  (EPN) intends to be a comprehensive reference work on this dynamic field studying nanomaterials within the context of the relationship between molecular structure and the properties of polymeric materials."--. -- ISBN : 978-3-642-29647-5 (volume 2 ; vázáno) ISBN (chybné) 978-3-642-29648-2.
    Kobayashi, Shiro, 1941-. Müllen, Klaus, 1947-
    chemie. polymery. nanochemie. nanotechnologie. fyzika kondenzované hmoty. encyklopedie
    54. 54-126. 678.7/.8. 544.1-022.532. 62-022.532. 538.9. (031)